Thursday, February 24, 2011

Every saved person owes the gospel to every lost person

If we claim to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, then we must do what he has called us to do. We are called to share the gospel with anyone who has not heard it. We who believe, haven’t cornered the market on the amazing grace of God.

How many men and women are incarcerated in America? Two million, three hundred eighty one thousand, two hundred seventy six. 2,381,276.

How many of them need to hear the gospel? How many of you have even seen the inside of a jail, or would be willing to talk to an inmate?  We owe Christ to the world, from the least convicted pedophile in prison, to the greatest guy in our own neighborhood.

At Hope Aglow we are keenly aware of the shortage of "witnesses", yet we have a burden. We have always been committed to the task of prison evangelism. We share the gospel, develop a relationship with the inmates, pray with them, counsel them and offer them the only hope there is in this life, the hope of Jesus. 

Imagine you are a young mother, perhaps you have made some very bad decisions. Maybe you were poor, desperate, and raised in a home with no love or authority and now you find yourself in a cell, alone in the middle of thousands of other angry, hopeless women. 

A Christian volunteer tells you God loves you, that Jesus Christ can free you from the bondage of your sin and you can be truly free no matter your location. This mission field includes millions and is growing daily. If you are unwilling, or unable would you be willing to send us, as missionaries to this field? Every human alive is precious to their Creator. God is not willing that any should perish. We are invited and privileged to share the life giving message and will gladly be your representative as you support us prayerfully and financially.

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