Friday, March 11, 2011

Saved in prison, used by God

"When a judge sentences a man to a life sentence, 
it's life and you've got to live it. 
It's like getting a two thousand piece picture puzzle
and now you've got to put it together. 
You've got to put your life together.
Get your mind right. 
Recognize that God has a job 
for you to do and a duty to perform... 
When you come up here, it's up to you- 
you can surrender to do right or to do wrong. 
My choice was that I was going to make it."

This is a quotation from Eugene Tanniehill, he was convicted of a 1960 murder during an armed robbery. He was given a life sentence plus 25 years for the murder/armed robbery, and an additional 4-1/2 years for three counts of forgery. Active for the past 35 years as an inmate preacher, he is known as the Bishop of Angola. He was released in 2007, after receiving a pardon from the Governor.

The gospel is about changed lives. But, how will they hear if no one will tell them?  At Hope Aglow, we tell men and women that with Jesus, their life which may seem impossible to them right now, can be made brand new. We tell them God has a plan and a purpose for them right where they are. Today they can start all over, sins forgiven. It is the HOPE of Hope Aglow.

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