Monday, April 4, 2011

Bean Soup, sound equipment and REVOLUTION!

Harold, Charles, Anna, Dave and Lee Ann
Hope Aglow Volunteers
     Once upon a time, Garry Sims and Harold Knowles went on a road trip to Reidsville, North Carolina. This isn't unusual for them since both are involved in ministry with Hope Aglow. Garry is the Director of Hope Aglow and Harold is a volunteer along with his wife Anna. Garry preaches and Harold sings regularly at the Sunday services held at prisons in Virginia and North Carolina. 

     Recently, Harold received a phone call from a lady named Mrs. Carter who wanted to donate some sound equipment to the ministry and this was the reason for the road trip. Garry and Harold took a van to pick up the equipment. They didn't know what they were going to find when they got there, but a gift to the ministry is a gift from God.
     When they arrived in Reidsville they were pleasantly surprised and very appreciative. There were three sets of very large speakers, a twenty four channel sound board and microphones, more than they could fit into the van in one trip. Mrs. Carter was so pleased to find a useful home for her husband's equipment, and Garry and Harold thanked her and set off for home with all they managed to squeeze into their vehicle.

     The equipment turned out to be first quality, but much too large for the needs of the ministry. For the purposes of getting in and out of prisons, and traveling in a mini van, the equipment has to be smaller and more portable. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth however, the men figured if God had given it to them, then He had a use for it.

     They weren't on the road long before Harold decided it was time for dinner. He knew of a little restaurant in Reidsville that served delicious bean soup, but Garry wanted to get home. He thought the best thing was to grab some fast food and stay on the road, but Harold convinced him that he must try this soup at Mayberry's Restaurant.

Garry Sims, Hope Aglow
     Once they were inside and waiting for their dinner, Garry noticed a young man wearing a Liberty University baseball cap sitting nearby. He asked if he had attended school there. The young man introduced himself and told Garry yes, he had attended Liberty. Garry told him about Hope Aglow and their affiliation with Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church. He then asked the young man what he was doing now that he had graduated.

     As it turns out, the young man is Hunter Pegram and he has been busy. He is married, the father of twins, a fireman in Greensboro, and the Pastor of a new church he has just planted called Revolution Church in Reidsville, NC. They are meeting in the local high school gym. Garry asked them if they needed any sound equipment...

Here is Hunter's tweet >
Revolution Church

God just handed us about 7 thousand dollars worth of sound equipment!

Here is a video of Hunter, talking about Revolution Church.

Revolution Church - 1 from David Duncan on Vimeo.

Thanks to Mrs Carter for giving, thanks to Harold Knowles for loving prison ministry and soup, and thanks to Garry for never meeting a stranger... Hope Aglow was able to reach out and help the kingdom come.

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