Thursday, August 25, 2011

Plaxico Burress and Michael Vick - ex-cons and 2nd chances.

"Former Super Bowl champion Plaxico Burress was released from prison in June 2011 after serving nearly two years on a gun charge." 1

According to an article in
The wideout caught three passes for 66 yards, one being a touchdown pass from Mark Sanchez. The WR played in his first game since 2008, just before he was indicted on felony charges and forced to spend two years in prison.
After more than three years away from the football field, New York Jets’ wide receiver Plaxico Burress has led his team to a 27-7 preseason win against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday night.
However, Burress said his return to the field came naturally for him.
"It just felt good to get back what I love to do so much,” Burress said. “To be honest, it feels like I never left. The ball hanging up there in the lights, I just trusted myself."
Although Burress did not seem fazed by accomplishing the task at hand, he expressed the excitement he felt for returning.
“It’s a day that myself and my family have been waiting for that would inevitably come,” said Burress. “It just felt good to get back what I love to do so much and that’s run around on a football field and score touchdowns, and compete at the highest level of competition playing in this league. It’s definitely a privilege to play.”

Remember Michael Vick?

 He was given a second chance too. Praise God for his mercy and goodness. Not all men who leave jail, however, are as blessed with stepping back into a lucrative career with many fans.   Most need extra help when they get out. Hope Aglow exists to provide mentoring, a church home and recovery programs to newly released men and women. We know God forgives, heals and restores the years the locust has eaten. We want to be sure those who are released from jail receive a warm welcome and a second chance even if they cannot throw a football for a touchdown in the NFL.

Please support us. Give generously!

God Bless you.

1. source-  blog post from Prison 6/15481

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