Monday, July 25, 2011

Should your donation to prison ministry provide a Koran or a Wiccan Book of Shadows?

Wiccan Book of Shadows
 Islamic Koran

If you found that your donation to a Christian prison ministry was being used to provide literature requested by inmates of other religions, would you consider that an affront to your own faith? Do you feel a responsibility to know how your contributions are being spent?  These are good questions to ask of any mission you support.

Giving to Hope Aglow provides a Holy Bible, NKJV. We do not, nor will we ever, give out literature that stands in opposition to our statement of beliefs.

Hope Aglow Ministries stands by the inerrancy of the Bible and it's message of  the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal life with God in heaven. Moreover, we believe there is no other way by which men may be saved but by belief in Jesus Christ.

If you donate to Hope Aglow Ministries, you are giving to support men and women who stand firm on these principles, preach and teach them in the jails and prisons, and provide a Bible to all who ask.

 Basic Bible Doctrine Study course and test booklet

We provide a Basic Bible Doctrine Study Course, based on our statement of beliefs which was first published in 1971, by our founders Ed and Alfreda Martin.

  All Hope Aglow volunteers see themselves as missionaries in the white field of jails and prisons. We feel called to preach the good news those held captive there. We understand that our system of government, while imperfect is the best one we have. We understand there are deficiencies in the criminal justice system that need to be corrected. However, our first calling is to the gospel and to the Bible, not to political correctness.

This is where we stand.


Inmates sharing at Bible study in Powhatan prison

Please give to support the ministry of the gospel in jails and prisons.
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